Gear Type Air Motors 

Teryair Gear Air Motors are Stall proof, Self Cooling, have a High Power to weight ration, Thus making them the preferred choice for any of your application. Our air motors are versatile workhorses that can be used in a diverse range of applications. In many applications, the inherent features of air motors make them more suitable over electric or hydraulic options.

Such compressed Gear Type Air Motors are used  for mixing, lifting and pulling applications in explosive  zones. Speed and torque can be varied by simple modulation of input air pressure and air volume. These air motors are suitable because of the many features that they exhibit. For example, these air motors are able to be loaded till stall point without damage. Gear Type Air motors can also tackle variable loads and are capable to be operated in environments where electrical motors are hazardous. One more important feature of compressed air motors is their compact size as compared to electrical motors.
Teryair gear type air motors are  also available as completely Lubrication free air motors and Stainless Steel air motors for use in hygienic applications.

Gear Ratio
9.5:1 & 15.8:1

0.78 kW (1.05 HP) 

Motor Weight
12.6 kgs