Surface Preparation Tool

Mechanical Surface preparation is the cleaning of surfaces with high-speed mechanical impact. This impact may be by way of surface preparation tools that employ fast reciprocating needles or chisels or rotating cutters. This rapid action has the effect of removing layers of paint or rust or other coatings from surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete etc.

Some of the commonly used surface preparation tools are scabbling hammers, Pneumatic de-scalers, scarifiers, needle guns and jet chisels. Such mechanical surface preparation on metals is generally done before the application of a protective coating to make the coating adhere better and in doing so, becomes more durable. Similar methods and equipment are also used in the civil contracting industry to scarify concrete, a procedure where the latent layer of the concrete is effectively removed by mechanical rotary impacting cutters. Cutters may or may not have hardened tungsten carbide tips, depending on the type of finish required.
Scabbling : A method where rapidly reciprocating pistons strike the surface and in doing so, break loose the adhering unwanted layer of paint or rust and expose the base surface. This is usually done to create a good surface to accept a new coating. Teryair has a wide range of scabbling hammers.
Reciprocatory scaling : In this method, a bunch of rapidly reciprocating needles is applied against the surface to be cleaned. The purpose is the same as above but this method is more detailed especially with complex shapes.
Rotary scaling :A rotating drum, holding a series of cutter wheels is held against the surface. The cutters impact against the surface, usually a horizontal area like the deck of a ship, and remove paint or rust at a fast rate. Teryair has a range of pneumatic descalers for this purpose.
Rotary scarifying : A rotary drum holding a series of tungsten tipped cutters is employed to work on a concrete surface. A small layer of concrete is removed. For levelling joints, for removal of laitance layers, for creating anti-skid patterns.  This type of product is called scarifier, we have a couple of options of scarifiers.
Wire brushing : Where the coating is easily removed, wire brushing is employed, it leaves a finely finished surface.