Spur Gear Chain Hoists


Spur-Gear Chain Hoists are made up of specially heat treated and proof tested steel chain hoists equipped with a safety guard. These hoists can be operated any angle and are equipped with a slip bolt which allows easy replacement of the load chains. The load wheel operates on precision ball bearing which is sealed with lubrication inside to eliminate the adverse effect of particles and dust on the moving parts. The top, bottom hooks, and the cross head are drop forged and the bottom hook is swivel type to allow easy turning and the bottom of the load. These hoists have superior working capacities.

Data for Spur Gear Chain Hoists



Standard Lift

Minimum distance between Hooks

Required Hand Power


61 50 06

1/2 tonne

2.5 mtr

305 mm

30 kg

11 kg

61 50 07

1 tonne

2.5 mtr

345 mm

35 kg

13 kg

61 50 08

1-1/2 tonne

2.5 mtr

395 mm

38 kg

19 kg

61 50 08

2 tonne

3.0 mtr

445 mm

39 kg

28 kg

61 50 09

3 tonne

3.0 mtr

500 mm

45 kg

38 kg

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