ATEX Certification for Teryair AODD pumps is here!!

ATEX Certification for Teryair AODD pumps is here!!

After our success with the ATEX and IECEx approval of our Pneumatic Lamp and Air Motor range, we set about achieving this valuable certification for our entire range of AODD pumps.

ATEX approval on our Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps – was something our distributors and resellers wanted for some time now. The only other Ex pumps available in the market – were extremely expensive options. The Training and Testing required for an ATEX approval is extensive and expensive, hence usually, only large companies with high product pricing can afford to spend this time and money on achieving the same.

However, at Teryair, our engineers had already done this twice before.

Our policy has always been to invest in the best training – no matter the cost involved – as we believe that in the end a superior product with great pricing always triumphs.

After a hectic 7 months of design changes, material selection,  testing, and entire product performance tests – we were ready to put up our AODD pumps for ATEX examination. That is a total of 76 variants of material and sizes with the accompanying test results and design justifications.

We even incorporated a few Ductile Iron AODD pumps for underground use. These pumps do not have any aluminum parts but use new-age materials instead. For this range of high-performing pumps, we put them forward to be certified with “M” which enables them for use in underground mines.

So finally – the New Year 1st of Jan, 2021, and we have this New milestone. We have achieved our Ex Certification for both the above and underground applications.

Our website has been updated with the newest Ex Codes. see the table of codes for teryair AODD pumps here.

This opens up a large scope of new applications for Teryair AODD pumps. More importantly, it offers users of such equipment a safe, certified and economical alternative. An alternative that apart from a lower cost of procurement gives the user a sustained lower cost of operation over the life of the pump.

Teryair is always moving fast to bring new products to market. Long standing distributors recognize that these product releases result in staple and revenue earning lines for them.

ATEX Certification for Teryair AODD pumps is here!!

For a quick overview of sizes and codes have a look at our ATEX codes report.

Watch this space for an easy to understand white paper titled “AODD pumps for explosive Zones 101” that will bring you up to steam on everything explosive.